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Jeremy Wineberg is a visual artist working in painting, drawing, sculpture and video media. His work has been shown across the United States and has recently dealt with mapping, synthenasia, psychogeography, divination and chaos. He currently lives, works and teaches in Madison, Wisconsin.

jeremy [at] jeremywineberg [dot] net

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All photography by Jeremy Wineberg unless otherwise noted.

All work on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

updated December 2013.






Now Showing:

The ongoing installation Wishes has engulfed the Madison Children's Museum and will remain there until the end of 2013. Check out the "Surprise" window on Hamilton Street or head inside to find the little blobs scattered throughout the windows of the museum. These particular wishes were made by 100 little participants at a work shop held at the museum in September 2013.

Check out video documentation of Wishes installation on Vimeo.


Recent Events:

The Little Galleries project is wrapping up it's first successful season of bringing art to a neighborhood near you. Tuck, a laminated corregated, guilded cardboard sculpture was created specifically for the Little Mifllin Gallery. Check out this and other little but cool installations and their artists here, search for the little galleries on social mediaor check the writeups in the Isthmus and Capitol Times.


Madison's Central Public Library's Stacked event was a highlight of the fall and a swell way to get aquainted with the new building: filling it with art.

The Library's 3rd Floor Gallery is a wecome addition to the Madison art scene. It launched with Q&A, a massive group show curated by Bubbler man Trent Miller.

Work made for both Stacked and Q&A included Whence and Deep Heart of Things, a video projection in one of the Library's study rooms. Check out video documentation of Deep heart of Things on Vimeo.

The library also has a dedicated montiter to video art and kicked off the opening with How Big the Little World Felt, a collaboration with amazing artist Toby Kauffman-Buhler.


Apocalypse Island at ~lowercase gallery~, Wrightsville PA was curated by Harriet Hacker and Andrea Biller-Collins. Apocalypse Island artists completed drawings, sculptures and installations that evolved during the run of the show.

Check out the write up in Lancaster's Intelligencer Journal.


New Prints! available for purchase and viewing pleasure